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  • Senior High School Girls Lace-Up
  • Leather upper
  • Leather tongue & quarter lining
  • Multi-Fit Innersoles
  • Suitable for orthotics
  • Durable lightweight sole 

Larrikin High School Girls Classic Leather Lace Up

  • School shoes are expensive, so it’s worth taking care of them.

    Polishing school shoes

    Leather is a skin, and just like your skin needs moisturiser daily, your shoes need moisturiser too! Polish should be applied to school shoes at least once a week. The best polish for leather is old fashioned boot polish applied with a brush. Polish aids in making shoes more water resistant by applying a breathable layer over the top of the leather and filling the stitch holes to keep water at bay.

    If shoes get excessively wet stuff them with newspaper – this helps to draw the moisture out of the leather. Do not attempt to dry shoes using an artificial heat source like a heater, the oven, microwave or hairdryer. This could cause the leather to harden and crack. Once shoes are dry, give them a good coat of shoe polish to restore the leather.

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